PMG Press statement 21 June 2017

PMG Press statement 21 June 2017


The landowners and businesses based on the Northfleet Industrial Estates, collectively known as Peninsula Management Group (PMG), welcome the fresh impetus on the London Resort theme park project but have major concerns about the progress of negotiations.

The 40 acre site occupied by PMG businesses is critical to the timing of delivering any theme park as explained by spokesperson, Dan Bramwell: “The three industrial estates are the most strategically important landholdings required for the theme park as they cover the proposed access route, control room and guest service facilities components. It is also obvious that LRCH has had to scale back its plans since the original plans were launched so we await the public consultation with interest.

“Whereas it is good to see progress being made as this helps to eliminate uncertainty, it is very frustrating that serious negotiations over relocation and compensation for the businesses and landowners has yet to start in earnest.

“There have been several promises from LRCH’s agents but these have not been backed-up with action which is what the PMG parties want to see. The timescales quoted are extremely tight and in reality are totally unrealistic unless LRCH are intent on using CPO powers to force out the businesses.”

It is suggested from the latest plans on the London Resort website that the theme park access will take out the western element of the estates and the control centre and guest service facilities the eastern section.

Dan Bramwell: “The businesses located on the western part of the estates are probably the hardest to relocate as they are the larger non-environmentally friendly operations that require land plots rather than just units and essential environmental permits. The owners, along with PMG, have been monitoring site availability and there is very little in close proximity readily available.

“We will be looking to work closely with LRCH, Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, both local and the county councils, and other parties to ensure that if the DCO Application is approved the businesses can proceed to operate with confidence moving forward.

“In a nutshell we have reached the crunch time and are hoping that LRCH will start to move things forward speedily”

For further information, please contact: Dan Bramwell, Bramwell Associates (Public Affairs)  mobile no 07968 304237 and e-mail: