December Newsletter

December Newsletter


  1. Introduction

At the last PMG Meeting it was agreed we would produce a regular (every 6-8 weeks or as relevant) newsletter to keep members up-to-date on PMG, Ebbsfleet Garden City and surrounds, and other significant issues. Welcome to the first.

  1. Paramount Update

There is still no clear indication as to whether this project will ever go ahead. The latest indications, although not confirmed, are that there will be a further public consultation in mid-2017 with Direct Consent Order Application submission in late-2017/early-2018. Based on this timing, there would be no decision before mid-2019 at the very earliest and works could possibly start onsite in 2020 with first openings in approximately 2024. But all guesswork!

There is no evidence that LRCH/LPER (London Paramount Entertainment Resort, as it is now officially known) has any  funding for the scheme, can address the highways issues, or has a viable scheme. Thus, it is a waiting game!

Media comments that they are fully funded have so far related only to the making of a planning application and not to the building of the theme park.

One positive from LRCH/LPER is that, for all it’s worth, they have issued a draft Acquisition Guide – what is that? It is supposed to help effected parties with guidance on how to liaise/negotiate with LRCH/LPER over compensation etc for relocation, land values etc. The draft is very weak and comments were sent to them last week to request further detail but not even an acknowledgment!

  1. Gareth Johnson MP visit

In November Gareth Johnson, the MP for Dartford, visited the estates and some businesses. Whereas in the early days he was always an enthusiastic supporter of the London Paramount proposals, it is evident that with all the delays he is now less certain about whether the project will ever happen.

As a local MP, it is only right that he supports any such investment with so many suggested employment opportunities. But it is evident that following his visit to the estates, he also understands the potential of the estates should London Paramount not go ahead and, very importantly, the issues facing PMG and the businesses.

  1. Second Thames Crossing Update

It was always expected that an announcement would be made during the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement but……..nothing!

Gareth Johnson MP has been pushing the Government, and even secured a Parliamentary debate about the matter, for a decision as it was promised by the end of 2016, but again…..nothing!

Watch this space……….

  1. A2 Improvements Consultation

This has been confirmed for January 2017….full details will be circulated in the New Year but it is imperative as many people as possible from the businesses attend and give their comments, personal and business!

PMG will submit a formal response but this is an opportunity  to influence the process…..not just for London Paramount (whether or not!) but for your businesses and the local community where you might live. Please make a note to attend and copy me into your comments – VERY IMPORTANT !

  1. Ebbsfleet Garden City Implementation Framework

It has now been approved by the EDC Board and is being presented to the three councils (Kent County, Gravesend and Dartford Borough Councils).

It’s worth noting that EDC does make significant reference to employment sites and opportunities but, for clarity, has to accept that London Paramount might go ahead due to its Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) status, which gives it priority treatment in masterplanning terms.

Don’t despair, next year MUST be the crux year – I am in regular contact with local and senior government MPs and councillors……..our views are being heard and the longer LRCH/LPER dither, the more the pendulum swings in our favour!

  1. General

For those that are not yet members of the Peninsular Management Group (PMG) please consider joining as we need all the funds we can to help defend your interests, businesses and properties.

Attendance is invited to PMG meetings and all input is appreciated. Many of our leading business members from the estates are voluntarily working an average of 15-20 hours/ week monitoring everything that is happening locally, meeting councillors and MPs and attending meetings. Please lend them all the support you can.

Finally, if you hear of any stories or have anything you want to circulate to your fellow businesses, please don’t hesitate to let us know….meanwhile Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Successful 2017 to you all.


Contact for any information and queries is Dan Bramwell; Mobile: 07968 304237