The Peninsula Management Group Ltd was formed as a result of a meeting in May 2015 to represent the interests of well over one hundred small businesses and landowners on the Northfleet Industrial Estate, the Kent Kraft Estate and the Manor Way Business Park.

The overwhelming vote to form a communal company to protect the business interests against the Compulsory Purchase threats of London Paramount (London Resort Company Holdings Ltd) showed just how threatened and already blighted businesses here feel.

Swanscombe compulsory purchase orderThere is also anger at the almost zero level of consultation with businesses on estates that represent a major local employment centre and a determination not to be pushed around by large organisations that threaten to destroy businesses, property values and employment just because they have knowingly designed a scheme that is unworkable without seizing the assets and businesses of others.

If your business or property is on one of these estates, then THIS IS YOUR COMPANY.

The Directors

The current directors are from all walks of business on the estates. They can be relied upon to fight your corner because their businesses face the same threats as yours.

They donate their time free of charge and are leading the negotiations with London Resort Company Holdings and others.

These are currently: Michael Bristow (Michael’s Bridal Fabrics), William Dorey (L D Properties), Leigh Cantwell (Quddos Direct Print), Kirk Dugard (Simpsons Removals), Andrew Goodwin (Anglo European Developments GB), Doug Hilton (Buckland Dartford), Mark Hull (Gainhold), Peter Lethbridge (Sabotcastle), John Palmer (Muranda Electrical), George Spring (St George’s Transport), Tom O’Brien (B&T Plant Hire), Tom Weaver (Glo Productions)

PMG needs youMembership and support

To defend against London Paramount’s (London Resort Company Holdings Ltd) Compulsory Purchase land and business grabbing intentions costs money and we need you!

These costs include the initial setting up and running costs of the company, and for employing the services of top level legal and compulsory purchase advisors to make representations to the Planning Inspectorate and provide guidance to members.

A membership fee of £500 for each business and separate unit owner will put the company in sufficient funds to fight and provide the negotiating power we need on the political stage. Your help is vital.

Peninsula Management Group membership is open to all other interested groups, individuals and businesses.